MG Warranty

All new MGs come with a comprehensive 5-year unlimited kilometre manufacturer warranty as standard. Our vehicles are designed to the highest standards and then rigorously tested to ensure that nothing should go wrong. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your MG, you have complete peace of mind with your 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty guarantee.

See below for a breakdown of what's covered.

Warranty Cover

Guarantees repair replacement or adjustment, free of charge, by an authorised repairer, of any part which fails during the warranty period, as a result of a manufacturing or material defect.

Guarantees paintwork repairs to defects such as blistering, peeling, cracking, discoloration or staining of the visible painted surface of the vehicle body panels occurring as a result of manufacturing or material defect.

Guarantees all 'wear and tear' items, excluding tyres and batteries that are subject to failure as a result of a manufacturing or material defect during the first 12 months of the Warranty period or prior to the first scheduled chargeable main service, whichever is sooner.

Guarantees all 'wear and tear' items, excluding tyres and batteries that are subject to failure as a result of a manufacturing or material defect during the first 12 months of the Warranty period or prior to the first scheduled chargeable main service, whichever is sooner.

Guarantees any parts replaced under the terms of the warranty for the balance of the warranty period.

5 Year Warranty Statement#


Commences on the day the vehicle is first registered or the date of sale to its first owner whichever is the sooner and is irrespective of change of ownership. The vehicle is covered for a period of 5 years and Unlimited Kilometers and excludes vehicles used for a commercial use.


This would include but is not limited to vehicles used for Rental purpose, Taxi, Courier vehicle, Driving School vehicle, Hire Car, Security vehicle or Bus and Tour vehicle.

Warranty Start Date

In all cases, the contractual warranty commences upon the day the vehicle is first registered or the date of sale to its first owner whichever is the sooner and is irrespective of change of ownership of the vehicle. This then becomes the contractual warranty start date as entered by the dealer to MG Motor System.

Warranty End Date

The warranty will expire at midnight the date before the warranty start date, five (5) years after the warranty start date. For example, Warranty Start Date 15/06/2019 identifies a Warranty End Date 14/06/2024.

5 Year Anti Perforation Warranty

MG Warranty provides a Five (5) year anti-perforation warranty defined as rust through corrosion of the painted metal body panels from the inside or underside of the panels occurring as a result of faulty workmanship or materials used during the original manufacturing process of the vehicle. Details of the inspections must be recorded in the service handbook duly completed at the time of the periodic inspection visits is required for any claims under the Anti-Perforation Warranty.

5 Year Paint Warranty

SAIC vehicles are guaranteed by the manufacturer against any defect in the original paintwork for a period of Five (5) years from the date of delivery or registration, as entered on the Warranty Certificate supplied with the vehicle.

Battery Warranty

The original vehicle battery installed at the factory will be covered for a period of one (1) year or 20,000kms whichever comes first.

Tyre Warranty

The New Vehicle Warranty does not include tyres, these are covered by the warranties provided by the tyre manufacturers or suppliers and any claim for tyres should be directed to the nearest tyre supplier or manufacturer service agent.


MG Motor New Zealand 2019. 5-year factory warranty terms & conditions at 5-year roadside assistance terms & conditions at

Warranty Terms and Conditions

SAIC Motor New Zealand reserves the right to make changes in content, description, or terms of the warranty policy if it's deemed necessary by legislation or business objectives and agree to give MG Dealers notice of any changes.

MG Warranty conditions require that:

  • All claims are notified to, and carried out by, an authorised MG repairer during the Warranty period.
  • Warranty paint rectification must be arranged by the authorised MG repairer in accordance with MG repair procedures.
  • All repairs, damage rectification or fitting of replacement parts and accessories are carried out by an authorised MG repairer and in accordance with MG instructions.
  • The vehicle has not been altered from the original specification, where said alterations maybe found to be the cause of any subsequent component failure.
  • The body panels are inspected annually throughout the warranty period by an authorised MG repairer, and any rectification work found necessary is carried out in accordance with MG's recommendations.
  • The vehicle has not suffered from neglect, improper repair, or improper use, and has been properly cleaned, maintained and serviced in accordance with MG's recommendations.
  • Each main service is carried out within 3000 kilometers or 28 days of the recommended mileage interval or service anniversary date as shown on the Service Interval Plan (within the service portfolio) and that the appropriate Service Record page is stamped and endorsed by the servicing agent. Vehicles must be serviced in accordance with specified service schedules as issued by SAIC Motor Ltd and parts that meet the original equipment specifications must be used. Whilst the Warranty will not be invalidated if a non-authorised MG repairer carries out this work, Warranty faults resulting from work carried out by a non- authorised repairer may not be covered under the MG Warranty. If the service is not carried out within this time, then the vehicles warranty may be affected.
  • MG approved parts are used for repairs effected under warranty, the MG authorised repairer reserves the right to reject any claim where it is felt that the cause of the defect is due to the use of a non-approved part.
  • The vehicle is not used for rallying, racing or competition purposes of any kind.
  • The vehicle is not subjected to any load heavier than the maximum recommended by the manufacturer.

MG Genuine Parts Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • MG provides 12 months unlimited mileage warranty on MG genuine replacement parts. Only parts appearing in the MG retail price list are the responsibility of MG for Warranty purposes.
  • Only MG genuine parts may be used for repairs under warranty.

Non-Genuine Accessories

  • SAIC Motor New Zealand does not recommend the fitment of non-genuine, unapproved or Unauthorised accessories. MG Genuine Accessories are engineered designed and to provide correct fitment and durability, as well as ensuring the full compliance with all relevant domestic legislation.
  • Non-genuine, unapproved or Unauthorised accessories are NOT covered by the MG New Vehicle Warranty. In the event of a concern the warranty provided by the respective manufacturers or suppliers must be followed.

Limited coverage warranty items

Quick wear parts are not covered in scope of the vehicle warranty.

For example: lubricating oil, engine oil and filter, spark plug, braking plate, braking pad clip, clutch plate and clutch clip, cleaner and polishing agent, lamps and normal wearing of the tires, wiper blades and damage to the vehicle caused by improper fuel, oil and lubricant. Damage to the vehicle due to maintenance (including inspection to all kinds of oil, lubricant and fuel level) that are not recommended in maintenance warranty and the manual of SAIC or improper fuel, lubricant for cooling fluid used to the vehicle are no covered in the scope of claim for warranty of entire vehicle.

For some special parts, warranty conditions are as below for complete list please see below:

ItemPart NameWarranty Period
1Lamp and Light Bulbs (Excludes Zenon Globes)3 Months/5,000KM
2Remote Hand Set Battery6 Months/10,000KM
3Battery1 Year/20,000KM
4Accessory Decal Kits - Personalisation2 Years/Unlimited KMs

Warranty Exclusions

Summary of Conditions

There are some uses, natural occurrences and aspects of ownership that are excluded and not covered by the warranty. These are described below:

  • Replacement of parts that are subject to normal wear and tear (which may vary depending on the usage of the vehicle, its kilometres, geographical and climatic environment) whose replacement does not result from a defect
  • Any fault caused by use of the vehicle for racing, rallying, speed trailing, hill climbing or similar activities or competitive events
  • Any fault as a result of using the vehicle for a purpose other than for which it was designed, e.g., all terrain use
  • Driver negligence, misuse or abuse, e.g., tampering, disconnection, loading or towing beyond the manufacturer's specifications, or continuing to drive the vehicle after loss of fluids, lubricants, oils, coolants, refrigerants or water
  • Accident, impact or fire
  • Modifications, alterations, or repairs that have not been approved by MG Motor New Zealand
  • Failure to have the vehicle inspected, serviced, and repaired strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations
  • Installation or use of non-genuine parts, fluids, accessories, equipment, assemblies, or components
  • Failure to have the vehicle repaired promptly and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations following an accident or other damage, or after a defect becomes known or suspected
  • Any vehicle that has been written off by an insurer, or any repair, replacement or alteration not Authorised by MG, experimental adjustments or vehicles modified in any way from MG's specification
  • Theft, illegal use or malicious damage by a third person
  • Damage resulting from the use of non-recommended, inappropriate, or dirty fuel, additives, oil, fluids, lubricants, coolants, refrigerants or water
  • Any repairs carried out on the vehicle by a person or persons other than an Authorised MG Cars dealer or repairer without MG Motor New Zealand prior approval
  • Failure to maintain and care for the vehicle, including but not limited to, its body, trim and paintwork, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, e.g., use of unsuitable cleaning agents
  • Environmental conditions, including but not limited to, acid rain, industrial fall-out, salt, sand, stones, tree sap, bird or animal droppings, windstorm, hail, flood, lightening, or other acts of God
  • Repairs or work required, that forms part of the New Vehicle Preparation (PDI), or as a result of poor preparation of the vehicle prior to delivery to the customer
  • The reoccurrence of a fault due to the quality of work performed or a diagnosis error by a dealer, otherwise known as rework
  • Normal maintenance including adjustments (front axle, wheel alignment etc.) periodic servicing, cleaning or replacement of oil, air, fuel and passenger compartment filters
  • Any Exploratory dismantling charges will only be reimbursed as part of a claim. It is the responsibility of the warranty holder to Authorise and to pay the charges if it is proved that the failure is not the responsibility of MG
  • Vehicles that have exceeded the maximum permitted mileage covered by the Warranty.

1.1 Detailed information of Conditions not covered under the New Vehicle Contractual Warranty

The below information provided gives detailed specifics on what is not covered under the new vehicle contractual warranty

1.2 Maintenance Service

Normal maintenance service such as, but not limited to, the following is not covered by warranty. Any failures resulting from a lack of maintenance are not covered by warranty:

  1. Fuel system cleaning
  2. Wheel balancing
  3. Engine tune-up
  4. Brake inspection and adjustment
  5. Clutch system adjustment
  6. Replacement of consumable parts such as air cleaner element, spark plug, injection nozzle, fuse, drive belt, bulb, brushes of alternator and starter, brake pad (FRT, RR) and linings, rubber part (except engine mounting rubber), clutch disc, oil and any other filter elements when such replacements are made as part of any normal maintenance services.

1.3 Items Affected by Wear, Exposure, etc.

The repair or replacement of the following items resulting from normal use, neglect, accident, wear and exposure is not covered by warranty:

  1. Soft trim and interior trim
  2. Plated parts, bumpers and other appearance items
  3. Wiper blades
  4. Brake linings or brake pads, brake drums or discs.
  5. Clutch disc
  6. Rubber materials such as hoses, belts.

1.4 Environmental Damage

Damage to a vehicle caused by industrial, chemical or other environmental fallout, salt, sap, pollen, sand, hair, windstorm, lightening, or other environmental conditions are not covered by warranty.

1.5 Damage due to Improper Use

Any damages or failures resulting from improper use such as the following are not covered by warranty.

  1. Handling and operation of the vehicle contrary to the instructions in the Owner's Manual
  2. Lack of performance of proper maintenance service
  3. Use of the vehicle in races, rallies and other competitive events
  4. Use of improper or dirty fuel, oils or fluids.
  5. Over loading
  6. Off-road use
  7. Operation of vehicle often it is known to be defective

1.6 Equipment not Designed or Recommended for Vehicle, Alterations and Additions

Repairs made necessary due to use of equipment not designed or recommended for the vehicle by MG Motor New Zealand and/or alterations and additions to the standard vehicle are not covered by warranty.

1.7 Tyres

MG Motor New Zealand passes on to the owner the original tyre manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer's agent handles these warranties, and franchise holders must resolve with the agent on behalf of the owner.

1.8 Tyre Wear

Excessive tyre wear, inconsistent with normal use may be considered under the contractual warranty only when the wear is the result of a component exhibiting a contractual warranty defect Prior. If tyre wear is attributed to incorrect alignment settings this will not covered as this is set at the time of Pre Delivery.

1.9 Steering Wheel Alignment

Checking of the Alignment of a steering wheel is a during pre-delivery and is therefore not claimable.

1.10 Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balance

Wheel Balance and Alignment is claimable only up to 6 month/10,000 kilometres as a result of a manufacturing or material defect only.

1.11 Rattles and adjustments

Rattles in the vehicle are not claimable via the warranty system unless they are connected with a manufacturing defect or fault.

1.12 Body / Panel Alignment

The alignment or adjustment of eternal body panels such as bumper, boot, bonnet or doors would not be considered as a warrantable defect.

1.13 Breakdown Service

In the instance of a breakdown the customer may call Roadside Assistance; in metro areas, the vehicle will be towed to the selling dealer unless otherwise directed by the customer. In all other areas the vehicle will be towed to the nearest MG Motor New Zealand Dealer (100kms) for repairs to be carried out. Towing fees from an outside towing company cannot be claimed through warranty and the cost will be borne by the customer.

1.14 Brake Adjustment

The adjustment of the handbrake would be classified as a service item therefore is included as a part of routine scheduled servicing and is not claimable.

1.15 Fluid Levels

These are maintenance items and are not claimable.

1.16 Accidental Damage

MG Motor New Zealand will not accept responsibility for accidental damage under any circumstances. Such damage is normally referred to insurance.

1.17 Contaminated Fuel Systems

Any defect or damage caused by contaminated fuel is not claimable. Filters must be replaced in accordance with service schedule details, or earlier if it is known that fuel contamination has occurred.

1.18 Glass

Glass is covered by the MG Warranty only if a result of a manufacturing or material defect.

1.19 Headlight Alignment

Not claimable unless associated with a manufacturing defect.

1.20 Maintenance of Nuts, Bolts, Clips, Connections

Not claimable unless associated with a manufacturing defect.

1.21 Unauthorised/Non-Genuine Parts

It is strongly recommended for Dealership to use Genuine MG Parts for all maintenance and repair works because they are manufactured to the same engineering standards and quality control as the original equipment. Any warranty repairs or replacements should be carried out using genuine parts. Warranty services carried out using non-genuine parts are, in principle, not covered since the use of them may adversely affect vehicle performance and reliability. Any damages or declines in vehicle performance and/or reliability resulting from the use of non-genuine parts are not covered by warranty.

1.22 Odometer Alteration

No coverage is provided to any vehicles on which the odometer mileage has been altered and the actual mileage cannot be readily determined. When replacing the odometer, it is important to enter the odometer reading of removed odometer in both the vehicle history file and the Warranty and Service Information booklet (Service Guide).

1.23 Consequential Expense

Incidental expenses resulting from defects in material or workmanship of any parts of vehicle are not covered by warranty. Such expenses include the following:

  1. Telephone or telegraph expenses
  2. Vehicle rental charge
  3. Towing charge
  4. Travel, accommodation or meals expenses
  5. Loss or damage to personal property
  6. Lost time, business and commercial loss
  7. Compensation for inconvenience to customers
  8. Loss of use of the vehicle

1.24 Force Majeure Exclusions

MG Motor New Zealand is not liable for any breach of warranty caused by or resulting from prohibition or restriction by law or regulation of any government, fire, flood, storms, war, strike, lockout, or other labour troubles, accident, riot, Acts of God, or others beyond the parties' control.

1.25 Operational Characteristics

Operational Characteristics are generally not accepted as warranty claim caused by defect in material and workmanship, and/or same as the difficulties, which happens in very limited operation only.

  1. Very small and low sound or vibration, which is not recognized as affecting quality or function of the vehicle.
  2. Very slight oozing of oil or the like about packing and/or oil seals, which causes no decrease in the quality of the oil or the like.
  3. Gap between panels which are within the limits
  4. External appearance defect such as paint, chrome and trim, which are not visual unless magnified by special means.

1.26 Concern Caused by a Non-Authorised MG Dealer

Any concern caused by an external repairer will not be covered by MG Motor New Zealand under any circumstance.

Owner's Responsibilities

The owners handbook describes the proper care and use of the vehicle.

Vehicle warranty

The owner should:

  • Make sure all required maintenance is performed and all materials used meet SAIC MOTOR engineering specification as outlined in their owners manual.
  • Note: Failure to perform maintenance promptly and in accordance with MG specified service intervals will invalidate warranty coverage on the parts effected.
  • Make sure the vehicle is presented to a dealer for any warranty repair as soon as practicable after defect is detected. This will minimize the effect a defect has on the vehicle and the nature of the repair needed.
  • Make sure that receipts for completed maintenance work are retained with the vehicle and confirmation of maintenance. Work is always recorded in the vehicle documentation.

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